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Diezel - our mission and vision

After almost 20 years in the business, Diezel Amplification until today follows the values which drove Peter Diezel & Peter Stapfer when they founded the company.

Mission: We’re building highest quality all tube amplifiers, with the highest possible craftsmanship, fully (hand) 'Made in Germany' for professional use, combining a traditional architecture with modern features to achieve the widest possible range of guitar amplified sounds on stage, in studios or at home. The relationship to our customers is fundamentally part of our business and not by any means a must.

Vision: We’re keeping track of player’s needs – the passion for sound, quality and versatility are the driving factors. Diezel supports the environmental friendly, non-mass-producing manufacturing in Germany and will focus on the future development of state-of-the-art amplifiers for today and tomorrow.


New pedal and amps shown at Namm 2016



New products for 2016:


- Amp: Paul (3 channels, 2 eqs, loop, midi, reverb, 2 masters, 45 Watts) scroll down for video.


- Pedal: VH4 (Diezel trademark sound goes pedal)